STIMULATION OVERLOAD by Kirstine ilum. Premiere January 30. 2013. Dansstationen, Malmö, Sweden.


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-Palladium/Malmö [SE]

Jan. 30. at 19.30 -PREMIERE

Jan. 31. at 19.30

-Dansehallerne Lille Carl/Copenhagen [DK]

Feb. 2.  at 20.00

Feb. 3.  at 14.00

Feb. 3.  at 17.00

-Hässleholms Kulturhus/Hässleholm [SE]

Feb. 7.  at 19.00

-Dunkers Kulturhus/Helsingborg [SE]

Feb. 10. at 15.00

Feb. 11. at 10.00 -school performance

Feb. 11. at 13.00 -school performance

Four dancers throw themselves out in a raw, brutal, physical and tempo filled performance by choreographer Kirstine ilum when exploring pressing, present and sometimes tragic parts of our human society.

Dark poetry mixed with an appeal for reflection when alienation in our society is being put in the spotlight.

How do you get through life when home is somewhere else?

What are the consequences of abuse of power and restrictions in freedom of speech?

With the focus on the single human being, the performance will try to shine light upon some of the many challenges a refugee faces in his/her old and new country.

About the choreographer

Kirstine ilum is driven by the urge to tell stories and often incorporates spectacular movement aesthetics according to the conceptual framework of the pieces. Her experiences from the contemporary European dance scene mixed with a fearless attitude towards discussing pressing, present and often politicly charged subjects in our everyday society, makes her work powerful, interesting and energizing to watch.

Stimulation Overload is produced by Somatic Noise, co-produced by Dansstationen, Malmö and supported by Swedish Arts Council, Region Skåne, Malmö Stad, Wilhelm Hansen fonden, Augustinus fonden & Dansk Skuespillerforbund.


Dancers Original cast 2013;

Emma Ribbing [SE], Rumiko Otsuka [JPN/SE], Ross Martinson [GB/DE] & Martin Gæbe [DK]

Creative Team;

Kirstine ilum [DK/SE]

-Concept och choreography. 

Daniel Eriksson [SE]

-Music/Sound design & Production.

Loes Schakenbos [NL]

-Light and stage design. 

Martin Sonderkamp [DE]

-Dramaturgical consultant.

Marie Sol Sandberg

-Rehearsal Director [DK/SE]